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JuiceBox 40

WiFi-enabled 40-Amp EVSE

JuiceBox 40 is the fastest, smartest, cleanest way to charge your EV at home. Trusted by thousands of satisfied drivers worldwide, JuiceBox 40 makes home EV charging more convenient than ever.

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I love my JuiceBox

I love my JuiceBox— so easy to set up and use. I also appreciate the long cord and lock on the unit to keep it secure. But most of all I’d like to give a shout out to their superior tech support. When I had a problem with an older version they were patient, gracious and friendly and sent me an updated unit to replace it for free. It was easy to reach them quickly in person by phone (an extreme rarity these days) and Marvin, who helped me throughout the troubleshooting and replacement process, was so nice he even checked in on me when I took a a couple weeks to install the unit to see how I was doing with it. I was delayed due to weather and a also bit intimidated but when I actually got a nice day to do it, it turned out to be a breeze! Thank you Marvin and Enel X team!

Extremely Easy to Use

Using the device requires no thought or expertise at all. You plug it into the car and it starts automatically. No buttons or switches.

The 25’ cord is longer than some competitors, and long enough to charge a car on the far side of the 2 car garage. The footprint of the device is small.

Great Level 2 Charger

Great level 2 charger. The JuiceBox has a handy app (iOs and Android) that lets you monitor, start stop, schedule the charge and more. FWIW, I chose the JuiceBox because it was the highest rated in my searches for Level 2 chargers.

Best charger I've owned!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Telsa Model X and Chevy Bolt owner.

First, it was incredibly easy to set up and connect to my WiFi network. So many "connected" devices make you jump through hurdles. Not Juicebox! Easy! Just plug it in and it becomes it's own access point. Connect your phone to that access point and answer some simple questions... home access point name and password obviously. And it automagically connects to your network!
This is an "L2 charger" which provides under 30 miles per hour, connected to a 50A breaker. You can't get better than this in a residential home.
BTW, electrical installation is easy too! Just install a NEMA14-50 plug. It's a simple thing that my electrician did for a very reasonable cost.
I love, love, love the notifications! Especially the feature that tells me nothing is plugged in by 10PM or whatever time I set. My son (I love him dearly) frustrates me by using one of the cars to drive to see his friends in New Jersey (2.5 hours away) and forgetting to plug it in when he gets home!!! That 5 hours of driving brings the Bolt down to only a few tens of miles left!

Juicebox 40 is the way to go.

After extensive research of the best, highest rated, most reliable, and easy to use., I decided that the best charge station for my situation was the Juicebox 40. I liked my whole setup so well, that I bought a second Chevy Bolt and Juicebox 40 for that one too. I installed it in series with the original now my wife and I simply plug in our cars when we get home and it always has a full charge. It only takes a couple of hours to recharge a drained Bolt Battery. I like the style of the Juicebox 40 with its massive 24-foot long charging cable. I would recommend the Juicebox 40 to anyone who wants a little bit of future-proofing built into their home charge stations.

Nice product that delivers good value

4 stars rather than 5 only because initial setup was slightly wonky ... the app would not progress to the next step in setup after I entered WiFi credentials. In fairness, I may have done something wrong and after a few tries and restarts the app and my new Juicebox 40 were happily connected. I'm glad I "persevered" because the Juicebox 40 is a handsome product with a light weight that doesn't detract from its feeling of quality. If you want to quibble, you might wish for a slightly more flexible charging cord, but that's minor and the Juicebox 40 lives up to its name, delivering fast and reliable charging. I need one more home charger and intend to buy a second Juicebox, which is the best endorsement I can offer.

This is our first electric car and with all of the choices on EVSE’s we are glad we chose the Juicebox 40

Ordered the Juicebox one week ago for my BMW i3, received and installed the following day. This is our first electric car and with all of the choices on EVSE’s we are glad we chose the Juicebox 40. Knowing how many kWh we are using per day makes us feel even better about our purchase. Took just a short time to get the unit set up on our WiFi and the features of the app figured out. Nice features that are easily used and allow us to make the most of our nonpeak electrical costs. When looking at any of the EVSE’s or chargers as my wife and I call them make sure you get one big enough.

Great product. Highly recommend.

Purchased Mercedes Benz B Class 250e three weeks ago. The salesperson had one and recommended JuiceBox. Did some research and decided JuiceBox 40a WiFi was exactly what I wanted and best suited for the MB 250e battery. I ordered one right away but had to wait a week for our electrician to install a 240 plugin garage. Once the plug was installed we hooked the JuiceBox up. only took a few minutes to get the Wifi connection and mobile app going. It all installed very easily with no problems. The software app allows you to set the charging start and stop times and to also send you email notifications when the unit is plug in, disengaged, starts charging, stops charging, etc. Also, we changed our Electric billing plan from Tiers to Time of Use (TOU). The super off-peak starts at 10 pm and ends at 8 AM. We schedule the charge to start at 10 pm and is usually completed with 2 -2.5 hours. We typically start the charge with 25% of the battery charged - based on our daily use. I have looked at many other charging units and very few are at the 40amp rate. I guess if your car battery can’t take the speed of the JuiceBox 40, then you could go with something less. I would highly recommend it. It works perfectly and was easy to set up.

Can be downgraded from 40A Manually

The best thing about this product for me was that you can downgrade to a lower amperage when charging using the app. My box kept getting flipped because of the poor electrical wiring job in the house. I kept lowering the amperage a little bit until it found a good equilibrium. I am now running this at 24 amps, but it is nice to know you can up it back to 40 if I need to.

Replaced a dead SIEMENS. So much better!

Replaced a dead Siemens. So much better! The charger is a great value. This was so easy to install right out of the box. Attaching a small brace to the wall and then attaching the bracket to the unit took only a few minutes. The charger fired right up and I was able to charge my Nissan leafLEAF.

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