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Learn what other customers think about the smarter home EV charging station for Teslas, Taycan, Audi e-tron and other performance EVs

JuiceBox 48

WiFi-enabled 48-Amp EVSE

JuiceBox 48 is a powerful, smart home charging station with an 11.5 kW (48 amps) maximum power output. It is especially suitable for drivers of electric cars with large battery packs, including performance and long-range Tesla models, and other EVs with high acceptance rates.

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This was recommended to me by a coworker ...

This was recommended to me by a coworker and I have no regrets. Simple to use... followed the step by step instructions and installed the app. I enjoy the app's ability to monitor/receive updates and scheduled charging.

Best bang for your buck by a mile

This charges my leaf and tesla model 3, and I’m seriously impressed.

Absolutely killer. Just what I needed. The app is great for stopping my leaf at 80% to keep the battery happy since it doesn’t have that feature built-in.

I can’t believe it costs so little for this charger, and it’s UL listed to boot.

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