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The benefits of intelligent EV charging solutions

As more drivers go electric, smart EV chargers are becoming a must-have amenity for workplaces, businesses, apartments and condos alike. Our fully-networked, grid-responsive charging stations maximize your EV infrastructure investment and provide access to best-in-class EV charging to your customers, guests and employees. Our commercial smart chargers also qualify for charging incentives nationwide and provide unbeatable value to property owners, enabling them to efficiently reach their sustainability goals.

Increase property value

Enhance customer satisfaction & reach your sustainability goals

Optimize energy costs by controlling charging times and demand charges

Conveniently monetize your EV charging stations

Increase grid reliability while supporting EV adoption

Spring forward with our coiled cables!

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Award-winning charging stations

  • High charging speed

    up to 75A / 18 kW

  • Safe & energy efficient

    UL, cUL and Energy Star certified

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive driver app for payment, powerful admin dashboard, LED indicator lights for charging sessions

  • Flexible installation

    JuiceBox is designed to accommodate a range of installation options (hardwire, wall mount, or pedestal mount)

  • Universal

    Compatible with all electric vehicle models

  • Industrial-strength design

    Durable, compact & weatherproof for outdoor and indoor installations

  • WiFi enabled

    Grid connected stations reduce your charging costs and let you access utility and state EV incentives

  • Powerful asset management software

    JuiceNet Enterprise lets you control your stations from an easy-to-use-dashboard, allows you to quickly onboard users and set charging prices

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JuiceNet Enterprise: robust site management features

EVSE Asset Management Configure and tailor user groups, access and payment options for your EVSE asset portfolio.

Energy Cost Optimization Reduce operating costs by controlling and capping peak energy usage and optimizing charging times.

Robust Admin Dashboard Access historical charging activity and monitor your portfolio of EV chargers in real-time.

Detailed Reports Charging data available for billing and monitoring purposes. Export reports in PDF, CSV, XLSX.

Seamless Driver Experience Intuitive JuiceNet app allows drivers to control, monitor, and pay for their charging sessions.

Revenue Generation Collect charging payment through mobile app or create invoices from reports.

Trusted by drivers & our commercial partners alike

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Take advantage of EVSE incentives

Many commercial properties are eligible for utility and state EVSE incentives, which provide thousands of dollars for equipment and installation. Enter your zip code below to see if you qualify:


Are commercial JuiceBox charging stations compatible with all electric vehicles?

JuiceBox Pro level 2 charging stations charge use the J1772 standard charging cable adopted by all US EV manufacturers and are compatible.

What power levels do JuiceBox commercial charging stations offer?

JuiceBox offers three power levels—JuiceBox Pro 32 for the lowest power needs, to the best-selling JuiceBox Pro 40, to the mighty JuiceBox Pro 75 to charge the largest EV batteries.

How can I save money with JuiceBox commercial stations?

With JuiceNet Enterprise’s Load Balancing, you can cap your overall electricity consumption and control demand charges to reduce your energy bills. And, by controlling your load through software, you can expand your EV charging operations without expensive infrastructure upgrades.

Do JuiceBox Pro commercial stations come with a product warranty?

Yes, all JuiceBox Pro commercial stations come with a three-year product warranty in the U.S.

What is smart grid EV charging?

Smart grid EV charging means the latest in cloud-based connectivity to the grid and local EV load optimization. With JuiceNet, JuiceBox owners can manage EV consumption, integrate their stations with solar systems, participate in smart grid programs from utilities to generate new revenue streams, increase grid reliability, and support EV adoption. Read more about JuiceNet.

What are the make-ready installation costs for commercial EV charging stations?

The installation costs for a commercial station can vary greatly depending on electrical needs, distance to the circuit box and how the station is mounted. The cost can be between $1,000 to $10,000 per station installed. Many installation incentives are available from utilities, states and cities. See what incentives are available in your area and contact our commercial team to save on your EV deployment.

Why are JuiceBox commercial charging stations so much more affordable than other commercial stations?

eMotorWerks’ mission is to accelerate EV adoption, so we design our products with performance and value in mind. Our JuiceBox commercial charging stations are constructed to be durable and powerful. They offer the same (or greater) functionality for less than a quarter of the cost of leading competitors, and they come with a three-year product warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

What is the difference between a commercial and a residential charging station?

Commercial charging stations offer all the convenience and universal compatibility of JuiceBox home charging stations, but also come with features needed to manage multiple EVs in commercial settings: user onboarding, station access control, powerful reporting and monitoring, and payment collection, for example.

What are the benefits of offering EV charging to my tenants, employees and customers?

By offering EV charging, you can establish your business as a forward-looking and sustainable leader. This can help attract high-value tenants, retain key employees, and increase customer spend. It also allows you to future-proof your property as both regulations and market demand converge to make EV charging a necessary amenity at commercial properties.

Can I manage multiple JuiceBox commercial stations at several locations?

Yes, JuiceNet Enterprise is designed to help you manage multiple stations in multiple locations. You can register users to charge at private stations, assign stations to different locations and sublocations, and design different payment and energy settings for each station and location.

Will JuiceBox commercial stations work in rain and snow?

Yes, JuiceBox commercial stations are ruggedized for indoor and outdoor installation, even in extreme weather conditions. All JuiceBox commercial stations meet NEMA 4X/IP66 standards for durability.

How much should I charge for EV charging?

It is entirely up to the owner of the charging station whether to charge users for electricity or provide free charging. Both use cases can generate a positive ROI. Our commercial team can help you decide how and when to charge your users.  

How do I take advantage of local EV charging incentives?

There are a range of incentives available for commercial EV charging stations. See what incentives are available in your area and contact our commercial team to save on your EV deployment.