Accessories for EV Charging Stations

Shop for cables, adapters, plugs, and other accessories for your EV charging unit

J1772 Extension Cable 40A, 20-foot $209.00 each Add to cart
JuiceBox Carrying Case Carry JuiceBox while traveling $54.95$49.95 each Add to cart
Electric Outlet Adapters Plug into dryer outlets $59.00 each Add to cart
Input Extension Cable NEMA 14-50, 5 foot $69.99 each Add to cart
Security Locking Bracket for JuiceBox $39.99 each 55 items in stock Add to cart
J1772 Cable & Plug 40A, 25FT $199.00 each Add to cart
Mounting Bracket for JuiceBox $29.99 each Add to cart
Rainproof Outdoor Outlet 14-50 RV outlet $59.00 each Add to cart
Input Cable for any level 2 charging station $29.00 each Add to cart
J1772 Plug Holder to store J1772 cable $19.99 each Add to cart
License Frame "Beyond Petroleum" $14.99 each Add to cart
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Your EV charging accessory buying guide

While JuiceBox home EV chargers come with everything you need to charge an electric vehicle from the comfort of your home, we offer a variety of accessories and equipment to help EV drivers maximize the convenience of their home charging — from adapters to extension cables and more.

Input cable vs. output cable: EV charging cables explained

All plug-In JuiceBox units are equipped with a 240-volt NEMA 14-50 input cable, which connects a JuiceBox charger to the wall outlet, and a 24-foot output cable with an SAE J1772 standard plug, which connects the JuiceBox charger to a vehicle. Our heavy-duty 20-foot J1772 extension cable will nearly double the reach of your charging output cable—a perfect solution for a garage with multiple EVs, or an electrical panel far from parked cars.

Do I need an EV charger adapter?

In your home, there are two “levels” of EV charging, determined by the voltage used. Level 1 charging stations are plugged into a standard 120-volt household outlet and can typically add 4-5 miles of range per hour to a vehicle’s battery. Level 2 chargers require a 240-volt circuit and can typically add 15-25 miles of range per hour. Plug-in JuiceBox Level 2 chargers come standard with a NEMA 14-50 plug; however, our adapters enable users to charge via NEMA 10-30 "old dryer" and NEMA 14-30 "new dryer" outlets as well. Learn more about the different levels of electric vehicle charging in our blogpost.

Portability and electric vehicle charger carrying cases

All JuiceBox units come standard with a quick-release mounting bracket and plug holder for easy installation. Our quick-release bracket allows for a plug-in JuiceBox to be removed from its wall mount for portable use, allowing you to take it with you on your travels or when you move. For easy, on-the-go electric vehicle charging, we also offer a protective JuiceBox carrying case. With our array of accessories and equipment, JuiceBox isn’t just the perfect home charging unit—it’s the perfect charging station wherever you go!