A mobile app for flexible EV charging power levels and easy installation

JuiceConfigure Overview

Configuring the best-selling JuiceBox or JuiceBox Pro can now be done from any smartphone in just a few minutes, thanks to the JuiceConfigure app. It allows installers and residential power-users to configure an Enel X Way smart charging station without a hardware adjustment.

JuiceConfigure features an easy-to-follow WiFi or Bluetooth enabled process for pairing a JuiceBox with a local network and adjusting the maximum charging current, ensuring users get peak performance from their JuiceBox without overextending their power supply. It also enables autonomous software commissioning without a need for a back-office support.

  • Fast and intuitive setup takes less than 5 minutes
  • Installers can easily configure the JuiceBox smart EV charger without the need for a JuiceNet Account
  • Software solution keeps users completely safe from exposure to electrical circuitry
  • Max current selector provides flexibility to scale current all the way down to 6A and up to charging equipment’s maximum capacity
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How to use the JuiceConfigure App

Why Enel X Way EV charging?

Enel X Way is a division of Enel, a global electric utility and one of the leading producers of renewable energy. We help businesses, cities, energy providers, and automakers deploy smart EV charging solutions and reach their sustainability goals.

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