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Designing Clean Fleet Programs is Core to Our Business

As a subsidiary of Enel, an established global utility company with over $80B in annual revenue, we have a commitment to the electrification of our own global fleets by 2030, with over 1,500+ electric vehicles already in operation.

Enel X offers a suite of smart electric vehicle charging solutions that help fleet managers reduce operating costs while meeting sustainability goals in a number of use cases.

As the second most popular place to charge, we’re helping workplaces provide EV perks and increase productivity.
Corporate Vehicle Fleets
Many businesses offer take-home employee fleet vehicles that are going electric. Increase employee retention with EVs and smart charging perks.
Service & Maintenance Fleets
Businesses can decrease costs (capex & opex) and reach corporate sustainability goals.
School Bus
Schools can improve local air quality and take advantage of specific EVSE incentives to reduce EV infrastructure investments.

Turnkey EV Charging Program for Employee Fleets

Enel X’s flagship product, the JuiceBox, has dominated the smart home charging market for several years and is trusted by thousands of loyal EV drivers today. The company also offers businesses, utilities and cities a turnkey smart charging program that is designed to engage employees, while cost-effectively electrifying fleets. By partnering with Enel X, fleet operators gain access to preferred pricing, program design counsel and a network of certified installation partners.

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JuiceNet IoT Software: Electric Fleet Management

Manage your clean fleet with the smartest EV fleet management software available. Our commercial smart EV charging solutions are a good fit for all electric vehicle fleet managers who are looking to cut down their vehicle emissions and reduce their carbon footprint:

Municipal car fleets

City bus fleets

Police fleets

School bus fleets

Utility fleets

Commercial fleets

Delivery fleets

Ride-sharing fleets

Taxi cab fleets

Rental car fleets

With JuiceNet, businesses can optimize and future proof EV charging investments in addition to giving their employees the cleanest charging option for take-home corporate vehicles. For depot fleet charging, businesses can expand their EV charging strategy without expensive energy charging infrastructure upgrades with our load balancing capabilities. By reducing and capping the total EV charging load, businesses can build out their EVSE offering and stay within budget.

  • Convenient green fleet management: Remote access control for individual stations and groups of stations to monitor stations and user access easily
  • Energy Cost Optimization: Reduce operating costs by controlling and capping peak energy usage and optimizing charging times.
  • Robust Admin Dashboard: Access historical charging activity and real-time monitoring.
  • Detailed Reports: Charging data available for billing and monitoring.

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