Utility Smart Charging Programs

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Start small and scale up. Enel X Way works with investor-owned and municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, CCAs and energy retailers across North America. Utilities with various levels of EV adoption can accelerate electrification in their service territories by partnering with Enel X Way to develop smart EV charging programs. Enel X Way works collaboratively to design end-to-end smart charging programs that meet your goals while staying within budget, whether its a passive or active residential smart charging program or a commercial behavioral study to benchmark future programs. Our expertise across customer segments has helped drive program results.

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Smart Charging Program Experience

Smart Charge Hawaii program case study
LADWP + Shrine Auditorium case study
SMUD Fleet Electrification case study

JuiceNet Utility Edition Software

JuiceNet Utility Edition enables utility managers access to charging behavior across their service territory. The software solution executes managed charging across a portfolio of EV charging stations, based on utility load management requirements, while prioritizing driver mobility needs. It provides critical features to manage residential and commercial EV demand, including the following:

  • Create and manage utility smart charging programs and associated device groups
  • Schedule and execute automated demand response events
  • Monitor EV driver charging behavior, real-time charging station status and demand response event participation statistics

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“As part of the Smart Charge Hawaii Program, with support from Hawaiian Electric and Elemental Excelerator, Enel X Way was able to deploy 300 JuiceBox smart charging stations in just four months to residents across Hawaii. The customer marketing, instant rebate and program enrollment were rolled up into one seamless process.”
— Aki Marceau, Director, Electrification of Transportation, Hawaiian Electric

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We help cities, utilities, automakers, EVSE suppliers and commercial businesses take advantage of the clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure affords.

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