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With a major shift to electric vehicles underway, deploying smart DC fast charging stations gives you a competitive advantage and sets you up for an electrified future. The JuicePumpTM product line delivers DC fast charging (DCFC) in compact, flexible configurations that meet EV infrastructure requirements today and well into the future. These smart, networked DC fast charging stations offer scalable solutions that can evolve along with EV models over the years, minimizing upfront installation costs. Built to last, JuicePumpTM operates smoothly in all weather conditions, and offers an ideal solution for many fleets, multifamily residences with shared parking, and parking operators that seek rapid charging with a compact footprint. Every JuicePump model includes two charging ports that provide universal compatibility with all electric vehicles.

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“The Charge Your Ride Montana EV rebate covered the majority of the cost of Enel X Way’s JuicePump 50 kW DC Fast Charging stations at two of our Taco Bell locations. We know that consumers are increasingly thinking about their environmental footprint, and we’re proud to offer smart EV charging as an amenity to our customers to serve the growing demand for EV charging.”
— Hannah Scanlon, Montana Brands Management under Taco Bell
”If we are to succeed with the energy transition across a global scale, industry leaders have a duty to implement the change we want to see. By joining forces with Enel X Way, we can proudly help pave the way for a more sustainable future.”
— Anders Nielsen, Chief Technology Officer, Vestas Wind Systems
”Through a new partnership with Enel X Way, which we are really proud of, we can confirm our daily commitment towards reduced environmental impact, making us the promoters of a culture of sustainability, and making the services and tools that contribute to that goal more and more accessible - to our customers first and foremost.”
— Tomasso Valle, Corporate Relations and Sustainability Director, McDonald’s Italia

Industries Embracing DC Fast Charging

DC Fast Charging is used across a number of industries that Enel X Way serves today.

Automakers & Dealerships
Chosen by many global car manufacturers, our Enel X Way smart charging stations deliver convenient charging for EV drivers and businesses alike. Our JuiceNet advanced energy services enable the automotive industry to participate in smart grid programs and tap into new revenue streams.
Private & Public Fleets
Each fleet operator has a unique set of factors that influences their electric vehicle fleet behavior. Our smart fleet charging software optimizes charging schedules to reduce fueling costs, increase vehicle utilization rate, and boost profits.
Cities & Governments
Hundreds of cities have committed to 100% renewable energy. These communities are ushering in a cleaner, smarter way of life with zero-emission transportation enablement. Our smart charging stations support the sustainability goals of cities and governments worldwide.
Hotels & Hospitality
Drive new, high-income traffic to your store, restaurant or hotel with smart EV charging as an added amenity. Shoppers, travelers, and people dining out are likely to spend more on your goods and services for the benefit of convenient charging.
Public & Private Parking Operators
With millions of convenient parking spots scattered across the United States, the need for EV charging stations will become greater as demand for electric cars increases. Industry analysts are forecasting 20 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2030.
Restaurants and Franchises
Attract and retain customers with EV charging as an amenity. Increase dwell time for added revenue while keeping costs down with smart EV charging technology.

Why Enel X Way?

Enel X Way is a division of Enel, a global electric utility and one of the leading producers of renewable energy. We help businesses, cities, energy providers, and automakers deploy smart EV charging solutions and reach their sustainability goals.

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