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JuiceBox 32

WiFi-enabled 32-Amp EVSE

JuiceBox 32 is the smart home EV charging station with the essential features and power you need to charge your EV. It is ideally suited for homes, condominiums, and residences with electrical systems limited to 40 amps.

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Love it. I recommend it to everyone.

I love it. It saves me tons of cash since Edison changed to a TOA billing. I set up charging to happen only at night.
The app works well with my Samsung phone.
Highly recommend putting in a switch for the 220 outlet. For $20 extra I can shut off the juicebox without unplugging it. It made setting up the wifi and app super simple since the box will only connect during the first 3 minutes it's plugged in. The 220 plug is a pain to pull out and plugin.

Taking your at-home charging to the next level, level 2 to be exact

Our JuiceBox installed easily (we had an electrician add the plug and circuit a few weeks earlier) and I was able to add the app to my phone and get it set up within about 5 mins. The box is connected to our wifi and this allows me to coordinate my charging to avoid peak rates. So far I have found it to be so easy - plus the charging nozzle plugs into a bracket when not in use, so the area looks tidy. I am very happy with this purchase, my charging time at level 2 is around 2.5 hrs, it used to be about 6 hrs at level 1. My car is a Plug-In Hybrid - I bought the JuiceBox in preparation for my next car which will be 100% EV. Many of the EVs take 14+ hrs to charge at level 1 and level 2 decreases that charging time significantly.

About as easy as it gets

Just purchased our first all electric car. Connecting it to our home network was simple.

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