Save $100 on Your Next Generation JuiceBox

Take the next step in home EV charging! Upgrade to the next generation of JuiceBox to make charging your electric vehicle at home more convenient than ever

Why upgrade to the next generation of JuiceBox?

Accessible & tidy

Handy rack lets you store your charging cable neatly.

Secure and durable

Locking mount ensures secure installation of your charger, indoors and out.

Smart charging

Bigger, bolder LEDs show charger behavior. Includes the same WiFi charging features EV drivers know & love

Add a charger

Charge a second car, or outfit a second home for an EV

Charge forward sustainably, with a fresh guarantee

We’ll recycle your old JuiceBox for you, absolutely free

Your three-year warranty starts anew

How do I upgrade?

Simply provide the JuiceNet ID from your current JuiceBox or JuiceNet-connected device when you order, and we’ll ship you a brand new next generation JuiceBox at $100 off the retail price. We’ll include a free shipping label with your new unit, so you can send us back your old one, and we’ll recycle it for you — or you can keep it yourself. It’s easy!
The JuiceNet ID appears on the side of the JuiceBox

Shop for JuiceBox next generation EV chargers

JuiceBox 40 - Upgrade
Plug in
Older Model Upgrade
$649.00$549.00 each With free shipping
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$659.00 each With free shipping
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JuiceBox 32 - Upgrade
Plug in
Older Model Upgrade
$619.00$519.00 each With free shipping
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$629.00$529.00 each With free shipping
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JuiceBox 48 - Upgrade Hardwired WiFi-enabled
48-Amp EVSE
$739.00$639.00 each With free shipping
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The Fine Print

  • Offer good for owners of older model JuiceBoxes purchased prior to January 7, 2020
  • Don’t have a WiFi-connected JuiceBox but want to upgrade? Send an email to, and include your original order number and original place of purchase, along with your first name, last name, email address, and phone number. A representative will follow up with you.
  • Limit one upgrade JuiceBox per JuiceNet ID provided.
  • Can’t be combined with any other offer.