Install a JuiceBox and Help Decarbonize our Commuter Fleet 

How does it work?

Purchase a smart-grid ready EV
charging station for your home.

Keep your car plugged in to be

Earn ongoing rewards for charging.

Get $50 off JuiceBox now and cash rewards if eligible for Enel X Way smart EV charging program.


JuiceBox 40

  • Up to 10x faster charge
  • Wi-Fi, smartphone app, notifications
  • Weatherproof, dust-tight, polycarbonate casing
  • LED indicator lights
Enel X Way coordinate your EV’s charging to periods of cleaner and lower cost sources of energy while ensuring your car is at your desired charge level when you need it. UCSD community members get a rebate and those eligible can receive ongoing rewards while reducing our community’s energy costs and carbon footprint.

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