JuiceNet Green Software Upgrade
JuiceNet Green Software Upgrade
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JuiceNet® Green

Emission-Minimizing EV Charging Feature (software upgrade)

  • Synchronizes with grid generation sources
  • Enables you to charge your EV when the cleanest energy is available on the grid
  • Reduces carbon emissions impact of EV charging
  • JuiceBox required. To purchase a new JuiceBox with JuiceNet Green, simply select the software upgrade when you add a JuiceBox to your cart. 
$50.00 each

JuiceNet Green is a cloud software feature that monitors and reacts to the instantaneous energy market in your geo-locality, and tapers or holds off your charging based on how 'dirty' the energy mix is in your area at that particular time. Not having your EVSE enabled with JuiceNet Green could mean the difference between driving your EV with even dirtier emissions than a gasoline car! 

  • What JuiceNet Green does: Much of the time, the greenest charging opportunity is at night, due to availability of wind power, so we'll maximize charging times to when that wind power is at maximum production. Outside of such hours you may see a message 'waiting for greener power' signal - in this event, you can either wait for cleaner power or you can just hit the “Charge Now” button in the JuiceNet companion app. In all cases, we predict when charging must begin to reach maximum charge level.

  • How JuiceNet Green is delivered: Our green feature can be purchased for any JuiceNet-enabled EVSE, including JuiceNet partner stations and our JuiceBox level 2 charging stations. Once purchased, within a day or two we will activate the feature and your JuiceNet Green-enabled EVSE will start using the Green policy.

  • Who Green is for: JuiceNet Green is for those who care about the carbon emissions impact of their EV charging, and who are passionate about the generational efficiency of powering electric transportation.