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Cleaner & Smarter Driving

Match the electricity used to charge your electric car with Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

  • Power your driving with zero-emission, 100% renewable energy
  • Make your EV charging cleaner even if you charge in places where direct renewable energy sources are not available
  • Support renewable energy production and reduce your carbon footprint for as little as $30/year
Choose Your Mileage
$30.00 each

With JuiceEco, reduce your electric car’s carbon footprint with Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) available to drivers exclusively through this service with Enel X Way. These certificates, representing the environmental benefits of clean energy produced on the grid, help reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Once you select the amount of emissions you’d like to match and purchase JuiceEco, we’ll send you a certificate that represents the purchase of your RECs.
  • Enjoy cleaner driving for one year, after which you’ll have the option to renew.

Download the JuiceEco price, terms and conditions here.

View the Prospective Product Content Label and the Historic Product Content Label.

Learn more about Green-e certification at green-e.org.

  • A certificate representing 10,000, 15,000, or 20,000 EV miles of clean driving for one year
  • Peace of mind knowing that you’re driving cleaner, no matter where you live and charge
  • The satisfaction of supporting the decarbonization of both the electric and transportation systems — yes, you can!


What is a REC?

By purchasing a JuiceEco REC, EV drivers capture the environmental benefits of renewable energy produced on the grid, even when clean energy may not be abundantly available nearby. Officially, a REC represents the “property rights” to the benefits of an amount of renewable energy produced. One REC represents one megawatt-hour of renewable energy generation from a source such as wind or solar. When you purchase a REC through JuiceEco, you support the creation of renewable energy by providing a demand signal to the market, which encourages more renewable energy production.

What is the right amount of miles for my needs?

According to Car and Driver, the average person drives about 13,500 miles per year. Since JuiceEco comes available in three options — 10,000 miles, 15,000 miles and 20,000 miles — drivers can choose the right amount of energy for their driving needs. Those who drive less than average can choose the 10,000 mile option, and those who drive more can choose the 15,000 or 20,000 mile options. Each option represents an amount of renewable energy generation, measured in kilowatt-hours, and corresponding to the amount of energy it typically takes to power an EV driving the specified distance. Currently, all packages are offered for one-year periods.

Can I buy multiple years of JuiceEco?

Yes, to purchase more than one year of clean driving, select the mileage option that fits your need and enter the quantity that corresponds to the number of years you want to purchase.

What does Green-e Energy certified mean?

JuiceEco is Green-e Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Green-e® is the trusted global leader in clean energy and carbon offset certification. Learn more about Green-e here.

I thought RECs were just for businesses and institutions. How do individual drivers have the ability to purchase RECs?

As a leader in clean energy worldwide, Enel X Way has the ability to purchase RECs on the market on your behalf. Through JuiceEco, we are offering individuals a service to facilitate the purchase of these innovative, renewable energy-promoting products.

What are the renewable energy sources that a REC represents?

RECs frequently represent wind and solar energy production, as well as other sources of renewable energy. Currently our JuiceEco RECs are powered by wind.

Can the RECs from my JuiceEco purchase be resold?

When you buy JuiceEco, Enel X Way undertakes and completes a process that includes both the purchase and retirement of the REC associated with the JuiceEco transaction. The REC cannot be resold, in order to avoid double counting of renewable energy generation.

Does Enel X Way offer any other options to charge my car with clean energy?

Yes, we do. You can use our JuiceNet Green software upgrade to charge your car with the cleanest energy available in your area.

Does JuiceEco only work with JuiceBox home EV charging stations?

JuiceEco is available as a convenient add-on to JuiceBox home charging stations. However, since JuiceEco provides RECs that represent green energy produced on the grid, drivers using any EVSE, not just JuiceBox, can enjoy the clean energy offsetting benefits. Even people who drive gas-powered cars can purchase JuiceEco. So if you know people who need to get started with renewable energy, you can send them a few JuiceEco certificates as a gift!

Where can I learn more about RECs?

The US Environmental Protection Agency is a good start.

What does it mean to “retire” a REC?

When you purchase JuiceEco, Enel X Way will initiate the process to purchase the REC(s) on your behalf, and then “retire” the REC — which means Enel X Way has taken the final step to complete the purchase of a REC. Once a REC is retired, no other party can make a claim to the green energy represented by that particular REC.

How is the mileage for each JuiceEco option calculated?

JuiceEco offers three kilowatt-hour options. 3,400 kWh is equivalent to the electricity needed for 10,000 miles of EV travel on average; 5,100 kWh is equivalent to the electricity needed for 15,000 miles of EV travel on average; and 6,800 kWh is equivalent to the electricity needed for 20,000 miles of EV travel on average. These equivalencies are determined based on the US average of 0.34 kilowatt-hours required for one EV mile driven, reported by the US Department of Energy. Actual EV energy consumption and efficiencies can vary by car model and other factors.