Eversource ConnectedSolutions

JuiceBox Enrollment

The Eversource ConnectedSolutions demand response program rewards EV drivers for using less energy during periods of peak demand.

During the peak demand periods, Eversource will request a delay or reduction in your JuiceBox smart charger’s energy use. You will receive the charge you need by the requested departure time, but after the period of peak demand has concluded. Your charging may be paused entirely during these “adjustment events” to your JuiceBox EV charger requested by Eversource.

Rewards for Enrolling

You are eligible to receive a $300 incentive for signing up with a 3-year commitment if you meet two qualifications:

  • Purchase date on or after July 8, 2020, and
  • Activation date within the last six (6) months (activation is defined as connected to the internet and one charging session completed)

If you do not qualify for a $300 incentive, you are qualified to earn a $150 upfront incentive and then three (3) $50 payments, annually.

Eligible JuiceBox EV chargers must have been manufactured after October 2018 and currently receiving remote software updates. Your enrollment incentive will be sent to you 4 to 6 weeks after your enrollment is confirmed. Yearly incentive payments will be sent to you at the end of this year and the next two years.

Please fill out the form below to apply for the program.

If you have additional questions about ConnectedSolutions, please visit the Eversource ConnectedSolutions FAQ page or contact us at eversource@energyhub.com.

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