Electric Mobility and Clean Energy Solutions for Cities and Governments

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Reduce transport emissions by accelerating electric vehicles

As more drivers switch to electric vehicles, demand for commercial EV charging stations continues to grow. By 2025, electric vehicles will make up 10% of all car sales and are expected to rise to more than 50% by 2040, according to BNEF. Deploying smart charging infrastructure supports local city, state and federal decarbonization goals. Transportation accounts for 28% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest contributor of GHG emissions. To decarbonize, governments across the world are electrifying fleets and deploying smart city infrastructure, like grid-connected charging infrastructure, local microgrids to increase resilience and other smart grid technology.

Enel X Way provides energy and transport solutions that help governments reach decarbonization goals.

City of Chico Deploys JuiceBox Pro Smart EV Charging Stations

“JuiceBox Pro smart charging stations provided all of the features we were looking for at an unbeatable value. We were able to install both fleet and driver-friendly EV charging stations in Chico, thanks to the compact design and easy installation of the JuiceStand.”
— Wyatt West, Traffic Engineer, City of Chico

Uber Partners with Enel X Way to Support Zero Emission EV Driving

”We're excited to partner with Enel X Way and make charging more accessible for those with an EV. We think the future for EVs and Uber is bright and we look forward to more work with leaders like Enel X Way.”
— Nishith Kumar, Sustainability Partnerships Lead, Uber

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Sacramento Municipal Utility District Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2030

”As we work to bring more mobility options and infrastructure to the Sacramento region, we are showcasing the ability for large fleets to make the transition to cleaner cars and demonstrate the benefits. Electric vehicles really are the future, and they provide so many benefits to the communities in which we serve.”
— Casey Fallon, Director of Procurement, Warehouse and Fleet, SMUD

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Helping Cities Electrify Fleets

Whether your city or agency operates a light-, medium- or heavy-duty fleet, electric vehicles and smart EV charging solutions have proven to reduce operating costs over their lifetime. The total savings of light-duty vehicles are typically between $6,000 to $10,000 per vehicle when you make the switch to a clean fleet. For heavy-duty vehicles like public transit or school buses, the savings can be up to $300,000 for each vehicle over its lifetime.

Enel X Way helps municipal and federal agencies meet fleet electrification goals.

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Comprehensive Energy Services

Enel X Way provides a variety of energy and electric mobility infrastructure solutions that help cities go green, including smart EV charging, energy storage and microgrids and more.

49 GW

Renewable Energy Capacity Globally.

123 MW

Energy Storage Deployed Globally.

6.3 GW

Demand Respose Capacity Globally.

Enel X Way is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive solutions to help government agencies hit climate targets.

Why Enel X Way?

We help businesses take advantage of the clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure offers.

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