JuiceStand Pro

Our most affordable commercial EV charging solution yet, JuiceStand Pro. It offers all of the smart charging features that businesses need to support private or public EV charging. Durable and cost-effective, JuiceStand Pro is the perfect solution for multi-unit dwellings (MUDs), workplaces, and small businesses that expect light to medium EV traffic.
Conveniently monetize EV charging
Optimize energy costs by controlling charging times and reducing demand charges with our JuiceNet IoT platform
Enhance customer and employee satisfaction while reaching sustainability goals
Increase property value & future-proof for EVs
Participate in smart grid programs for additional savings

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Smart EV charging that fits any workplace

With user authentication and a robust dashboard for EVSE management, JuiceStand Pro is the perfect way to provide your employees with user-friendly EV charging. Offer single or dual EV charging ports on each JuiceStand Pro, which is compatible with all EVs. Weatherproof and UL-rated, JuiceStand Pro can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings for convenient EV charging year-round.
JuiceStand Pro’s small footprint is ideally suited for locations with limited parking.

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JuiceNet: EVSE Management Platform

JuiceNet Business is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to offer EV charging as an amenity. Thanks to JuiceNet Business’ load balancing feature companies can save on electrical infrastructure upgrades.

JuiceNet Enterprise is designed for larger commercial businesses, condominiums, apartment buildings, offices, shopping malls, universities, event venues, parking garages, and more. This advanced EVSE asset management platform delivers the financial savings and smart charging flexibility commercial users need to efficiently manage their EV charging operations.

Key differences between JuiceNet Business and Enterprise Editions:

Software Features

JuiceNet Business Edition

JuiceNet Enterprise Edition

View charging station status and system health - view charging data including status, temperature, voltage, power, amperage; review summary of past events for each charger
Free public charging: offer free, unrestricted charging to the general public at designated times and days of the week
Dashboard reports and data export: view and export all charging data (on a time or per session basis) for billing and monitoring purposes. Access data via web portal, mobile portal, data export.
Time of use charging settings: control station availability by time and day of week
Load Groups: set up and manage load groups to set and cap maximum consumption
Authorized user support: configure your EVSE for usage only by permitted users via mobile app & QR code
User groups: create user groups with different access and pricing for a differentiated charging experience
Multi-property support: create groups of charging stations and configure settings at multiple locations
Set rates and pricing in dashboard: set different rates for individual or groups of stations, users, or time and days of the week
Mobile app payments for access-controlled stations: collect payment from users directly through the JuicePass Enterprise app

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With JuiceStand Pro, EV charging is simple.

Access Control & Payment

With JuiceNet Enterprise software, allow registered drivers to access via mobile device or RFID card and pay with their mobile app

Future-proof Your Business

Made with industrial-strength construction and guaranteed lasting quality

Universal Compatibility

SAE-J1772™ compliance ensures compatibility with all EVs*

* Tesla requires adapter

Choose your Charge

Choose between 32A, 40A, and 48A power options to provide all EV drivers an optimized charging experience

Convenient and affordable public charging

JuiceStand Pro is the simplest way to offer EV charging in any location. Cities, shopping centers, and other destinations love the ability to offer single or dual-port charging with built-in cable management at a great value. JuiceStand Pro is weatherproof with steel construction and built in the USA for a reliable EV charging solution that lasts.
”JuiceBox Pro smart charging stations provided all of the features we were looking for at an unbeatable value. We were able to install both fleet and driver-friendly EV charging stations in Chico, thanks to the compact design and easy installation of the JuiceStand Pro.”
— Wyatt West, Traffic Engineer
City of Chico

Easy-to-install, powerful EV charging for less

Choose between three power levels: 32A, 40A, and 48A

Driver and Administrator JuiceNet app and web-based smart charging platform

LED indicators for power, connectivity, charging status

Choose to include one or two JuiceBox Pro charging stations on your JuiceStand Pro

Durable, water and fire-resistant construction

UL and cUL Listed

3-year limited warranty

JuiceBox Pro

Why Enel X Way?

We help cities, utilities, automakers, EVSE suppliers and commercial businesses take advantage of the clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure affords.

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