Smart EV Charging Solutions for Event Venues

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Turn your entertainment venue into a destination for EV drivers

As more drivers switch to electric vehicles every year, demand for EV charging stations is surging. Installing EV charging at stadiums and entertainment venues is not only a smart way to support sustainability goals, it is a must-have visitor amenity. By 2025, EVs will make up 10% of all car sales, and EV drivers need parking options that support electric transportation. Your stadium or event venue can help solve the problem of inadequate EV charging infrastructure by installing smart EV charging stations. By offering parking options to support electric mobility, you will attract and retain visitors while creating new revenue opportunities. Take advantage of federal, state, and local EV charging incentives and rebates which, in many cases, cover 100% of hardware costs.

Learn how venues across the country are generating new revenue and hitting sustainability goals with smart EV charging.

Inside Gillette Stadium’s smart energy strategy

Gillette Stadium deploys 50 JuiceBox Pro EV charging stations

“We’re partnering with great people like Enel X Way to achieve our mission of being sustainable.”
— Jason Stone, VP Site Operations, Kraft Sports + Entertainment

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Shrine Auditorium saves $200K on smart EV charging

”Adding EV charging stations with Enel X Way adds value to our World Class Historical Entertainment Venue.”
— David Garner, Chief Operating Officer, Classic Parking

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Meet your sustainability goals while earning revenue.

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We help businesses take advantage of the clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure offers.

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