Establish EV leadership at your auto dealership

Capitalize on EV infrastructure incentives today

Why dealerships are going electric

Electric vehicle market share is rapidly increasing with EVs projected to account for 10 percent of all new vehicle sales in the US over the next five years and then surging to 32 percent of new vehicle sales in 2030. Enel X Way has deployed thousands of EV charging stations globally, helping dealerships establish themselves as EV experts to attract new buyers and leverage EVSE incentives to reduce their infrastructure investments.

  • Early adopters of a structured EV sales approach often realize EV sales 10 to 20 times higher than those of their neighbors.
  • Attract new drivers and retain existing customers as more consumers make the switch to electric cars.
  • Always have the electric vehicle juiced up and ready to go for a test drive.
  • Take advantage of EVSE incentives & rebates while infrastructure funds last.

Trusted By Global Automakers

Enel X Way’s automotive team has extensive experience working with automotive OEMs globally and dealerships across North America. Leverage our automotive industry expertise for utility incentives, and the installation of your premium smart EV charging infrastructure.

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