Federal, Provincial and Local Electric Car Tax Credits, Incentives & Rebates

In addition to broad-scale electric vehicle incentives, provinces and utilities provide incentive programs, rebates and tax credits specifically for purchasing and installing EV charging equipment across Canada. Search what is available in your area by entering your postal code below.

Here’s a summary of electric vehicle incentives by province/territory. Included are EVSE tax credits and Level 2 EV charging rebates, as well as rebates for electric cars. In addition to local incentives, the federal rebate for electric cars applies throughout Canada. If you have any questions, read our FAQ section.


What is EVSE? Is a rebate or tax credit for EVSE different than for an electric car charging station tax credit or rebate?

EVSE stands for “Electric Vehicle Service Equipment,” and the term includes electric vehicle charging stations. An EVSE rebate is frequently the same as a rebate for an electric vehicle charging station, unless the rebate or tax credit program specifies rebates only for certain other items encompassed by EVSE (installation, for example).

What is the difference between a tax credit and a rebate?

Often, instead of cash, utilities or municipalities will offer a tax credit for an electric vehicle charging station. Rebates in the form of tax credits are simply dollars subtracted from the amount of tax money owed when taxes are paid.

Is an EV charger tax credit or rebate available to me?

Please see our top summary of electric vehicle incentives by state above to see what we know to be available in your area. While we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee this list is comprehensive, so please check with your local government or utility to find out if level 2 charger rebates and other environmental safety programs for consumers are available in your area.

How long will it take to get my rebate?

Terms vary, but frequently tax credits are applied to the tax filings for the year in which the EV charger was purchased. Please check with the administrator of the rebate or credit program for details or visit their main office before buying.

Are there rebates for EV cars and EV charging stations?

In many cases, yes. There are programs providing separate rebates and/or tax credits for both EV cars (including Tesla models, Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf or even hybrid models, such as Toyota Prius and Ford Hybrid) and EV charging stations. Note that in some events new electric vehicles must be purchased from a licensed auto dealer. Check the drop-down menu above for details and eligibility.

How much is a typical EV charger rebate?

EVSE tax credits and rebates vary. In some cases, they can be small—50 dollars or so. In other cases, they can be quite large compared to the cost of an electric vehicle charger model like a JuiceBox, making the charging station available for just a small fraction of original price. Please consult summary list above.

What if I’ve already purchased an EV charger?

In some cases, you can obtain a rebate for an EV charging station even if you purchased the charger prior to the rebate program start date. Please check content with the program administrator to find out for efficiency.