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Smart EV Charging makes good business sense

As EV sales increase and millions of drivers look for convenient ways to charge, making smart chargers available to your customers, tenants and employees is a good business decision.

  • Attract new customers
  • Generate new revenue
  • Improve customer and employee satisfaction
  • Increase return on your EV infrastructure investment
  • Support your sustainability strategy

See why our smart charging solutions are utilized by businesses across all industries. Learn more.

Commercial Utilities

Smarter, Faster, Cleaner EV Charging for all businesses

Electric Utilities, CCAs & Co-ops

By optimizing when and how much electricity connected stations draw from the grid, our JuiceNet smart charging platform helps utilities and grid operators reduce electricity costs, ease grid congestion, and maximize the use of solar and wind power. Today, we’ve partnered with dozens of utilities across North America.

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Automakers & Dealerships

Chosen by many global car manufacturers, our smart charging stations deliver fast, reliable vehicle charging, reducing the total cost of EV ownership, and increasing driver satisfaction. Our JuiceNet advanced energy services enable the automotive industry to participate in smart grid programs and tap into new revenue streams.

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Private & Public Fleets

Each fleet operator has a unique set of factors that influences their electric vehicle fleet behavior. Our smart fleet charging software, optimizes charging schedules to reduce fueling costs, increase vehicle utilization rate, and boost profits.

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Increase employee satisfaction and support your corporate sustainability goals by providing convenient, smart EV charging solutions. Getting to work faster in the HOV lane and leaving work with a full battery is a great way for your employees to start and end each workday and to increase productivity. then charge at work.

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Public & Private Parking Operators

With millions of convenient parking spots scattered across the United States, the need for EV charging stations will become greater as demand for electric cars increases. Industry analysts are forecasting 20 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2030.

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Property Management: Apartments & Condos

Increase your property value with smart EV charging, the latest must-have for new property developments. Tap into the growing amount of local and federal incentives available for multi-unit dwelling properties to reduce upfront investments.

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Universities & Schools

College and high school campuses are adding smart EV charging stations to support sustainability goals and provide convenient transportation infrastructure for students and employees. Special incentives are available for EVSE infrastructure to reduce upfront costs.

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Hospitals & Pharmacies

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution kills 7M people a year, and 9/10 people around the world are exposed to dangerously high-levels of pollutants, due to particulate matter from tailpipe emissions. Hospitals are adding smart EV charging stations to their facilities in support of patient, public and environmental health.

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Cities & Governments

Dozens of cities have committed to 100% renewable energy in one or more energy-use sector: electricity, buildings, or transportation. These communities are ushering in a cleaner, smarter way of life with zero-emission transportation enablement. Our smart charging stations support the sustainability goals of cities and governments worldwide.

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Hotels & Hospitality

Drive new, high-income traffic to your store, restaurant or hotel with smart EV charging as an added amenity. Shoppers, travelers, and people dining out are likely to spend more on your goods and services for the benefit of convenient charging.

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Events & Stadiums

With many professional sporting facilities releasing net-zero building goals, EV charging is an increasingly sought-after amenity. Reaching your sustainability goals and Improving local air quality for the health of athletes and fans can be accomplished with EV charging infrastructure.

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Retailers & Shopping Centers

Drive new shoppers to your retail stores and lower operating costs with our smart charging solutions., EV drivers help improve your bottom line as they spend additional time and money shopping while they charge up their cars.

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Green Builders & Real-Estate Development

More cities are mandating EV charging infrastructure for all new buildings with off-street parking — like garages. Make your multi-family residences "EV-ready" with our smart, affordable charging solutions.

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Research Institutions

Many research institutions on the cutting edge of science and technology have selected our commercial charging stations for employee charging, EVSE research and more.

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Restaurants and Franchises

Attract and retain customers with EV charging as an amenity. Increase dwell time for added revenue while keeping costs down with smart EV charging technology.

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