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LADWP commercial EV charger rebates

LADWP’s Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate Program enhances the ROI of commercial EV charging installation. The program offers rebates up to $5,000 for Level 2 commercial chargers and up to $75,000 for DC fast chargers. Enel X Way is an LADWP qualified EVSE vendor– contact us to find out if you’re eligible for LADWP incentives.

Enel X Way is uniquely positioned to help commercial property owners and businesses take advantage of LADWP rebate programs, while stacking federal and utility incentives.

Classic Parking Saves $200K on Smart EV Charging

“The ability to leverage the LADWP incentive helped make the EV charging project a great investment for Classic Parking, and Enel X Way’s JuiceBox charging stations were the perfect technology fit."
— Danny Gold, President and Founder, Green Water and Power

LADWP Incentive Eligibility and Funding

What are the applicant requirements?
  • Must receive electric service from LADWP
  • Must have two parking spaces available to employees, tenants or the public to qualify for one charging station rebate
What are the project cost requirements?
  • Level 2 charging station rebates to charge light-duty EVs of up to $5,000 per charging station if deployed in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) and up to $4,000 if not located in a DAC
  • DC fast charging rebates to charge light-duty EVs of up to $75,000 per charging station depending on power output
What costs are covered by the rebate?
  • Rebates for the purchase and installation of Level 2 commercial EV charging stations and DC fast charging stations
How many rebates can you receive?
  • For Level 2 chargers, one additional rebate is available for every four parking spaces up to a maximum of 40 rebates per site
  • A maximum of four DCFC rebates are available per site
What are the equipment requirements?
  • Must be certified and listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL)
  • Level 2 chargers must have a J17772 connector, with an output power of 6.6 kW or more
  • DC fast charges must have at least two of these trhee connector types: CHAdeMO, SAE CCS, and/or Tesla

Enel X Way can help commercial property owners and businesses take advantage of state and utility incentives.

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