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According to Car and Driver, JuiceBox 40 is the best overall EV charger. The JuiceBox provides detailed energy output and charge time for each charging session, various adjustable notifications, and the ability to set up customized charge times to...

The Alltown Fresh in Ayer is the first commercial deployment in Massachusetts of a microgrid integrating solar power, battery storage and an electric vehicle DC fast charger. Enel X Way hopes to replicate and scale up the project at facilities...

Stable’s software will support Enel X Way’s charging network expansion across North America by helping customers take a data-driven approach to infrastructure deployment
Enel X, the advanced energy services arm of the Enel Group, and Global Partners LP have announced the development of an innovative microgrid to increase resiliency at Alltown Fresh in Ayer, Massachusetts. Renewable Energy Magazine features an...

Enel X has completed construction of an innovative microgrid that leverages solar energy and battery storage to support the facility and EV charging at Global Partners LP’s Alltown Fresh® service station in Ayer, Massachusetts.


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