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TriplePundit told its readers about new opportunities with JuicePlan from eMotorWerks. While level 2 JuiceBox Pro 40 has been a bestseller in the EV charging category on Amazon for years, many potential customers are concerned about their homes being properly wired to support level 2 fast charging.

JuicePlan is designed to make the transition to EV charging as smooth as possible: for just $19 dollars per month a system will be installed in a customer'/ca/en/s home by professionals and JuiceBox with JuiceNet platform will be ready to charge your EVs at the best time and at the lowest electricity price possible. 

Preston Roper, eMotorWerks'/ca/en/ General Manager in North America, explains in the article how JuicePlan allows both customers and utilities get the benefits from using it. Read more about this opportunity here.