JuiceNet Set&Charge​​

JuiceNet Set&Charge is the turnkey solution is to open your private network to all public users, create and manage the pricing scheme for the charging sessions, and gather information on your energy consumption through data management and reporting.

Charging Points Management

Details of charging point performance: aggregated consumption, status, charging sessions ongoing and completed

Invite drivers to use your private network​

Enable your EV Drivers to charge via JuicePass app. Easily manage roles and permissions

Set charging price​

Set your charging station as «public» or «private» and define the price for final users


Apply filters and download reports about charging sessions and revenues. Select only relevant information with filters

Energy Services

Optimize charging processes with dynamic load balancing of charging processes and limiting power for a group of EVs​

Charging Points management



Energy Services

Charging Sessions

Charging Points


EVSEs Management


Data Management

Charge Prioritization

Load Optimization

Charging Prioritization: with several EVs are plugged at the same time, charging sessions are performed sequentially, according to the order of arrival.

Load Optimization: limiting the power of a group of charging stations not to exceed a fixed threshold.

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JuiceBox Family
JuicePump 60 and JuicePump 150
JuicePump 75 and 75 Trio
JuicePump Flexi 150 and 150 Trio