JuiceNet Manager​

JuiceNet Manager is the web dashboard used to manage charging stations in a workplace/commercial setting and fleet employees’ home charging. It provides full access to all data on your charging stations, charging sessions and users.

Charging Station Management

Monitor ongoing and completed charging sessions.​
Access complete data for each charging station.​
Group by location.

Drivers/Fleet Management

Authorise users able to access specific charging stations with the JuicePass app. For carpooling and rental, provide your customers with RFID cards, activating and deactivating them directly from the dashboard.


View reports and download data on your charging stations and users. Select only relevant information with filters.

Energy Services

Optimize charging for available power with load balancing between simultaneous charging sessions and limiting power for a specified group of charging stations.

JuiceNet Manager is available in different configurations:


Charging Points management




Charging Sessions

Charging Points


EVSEs Management

RFID card


Data Management


Up to 4 points 1 Unlimited


Unlimited Unlimited

JuiceNet Manager Pro is upgradable to Active to include the following Energy Services:​

Charging Prioritization: when several EVs are plugged in at the same time, charging sessions are performed sequentially, according to the order of arrival (FIFO).​

Load Optimization: limiting the power delivered to a group of charging stations, so as not to exceed the available capacity.​

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JuicePump 60 and JuicePump 150
JuicePump 75 and 75 Trio
JuicePump Flexi 150 and 150 Trio