JuiceBox® Pro 32 C - powered by JuiceNet Enterprise

Choose faster, smarter charging for your business

Fast Charging Speeds

Up to 22 kW / 32 A

Remote Control

With our advanced IoT platform, JuiceNet.

Smart Grid Enabled

Reduce OPEX and increase ROI with incentives & rebates that leverage your grid-connected charging station.

Ideal for Employees & Tenants

Multi-user authentication, charging rates & reporting options.


Dynamic load balancing ensures that you can add new charging stations in the future on existing electrical circuits.

Fast EV Charging

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Advanced Controls

JuiceBox Pro is a great solution for residential apartment blocks, or workplaces that require fast EV charging services for tenants and employees at an affordable price.

Smart control for managers

Multi-user authentication & reporting, integration to on-site energy systems, intelligent load balancing, easy EVSE network expansion via JuiceNet enterprise subscription.

Billing & Metering data

Billing & Metering option makes all charging data (on a time or per session basis) available to manager via web portal, mobile portal, or data export.

Authorised user support

Our smart grid fleet management software, JuiceNet Enterprise allows you to configure your EVSE network for usage only by permitted users, to charge only at specified times, and to balance charging loads to targeted maximum levels.

Advanced energy management support

Our JuiceNet API option lets you coordinate with onsite renewables, stationary storage systems, and building energy management solutions; this keeps energy costs in check by minimising unwanted demand peaks and reducing utility demand charges.

Max Output Power
22 kW (32 A 3-phase supply)/ 7.4 kW (32 A 1-phase supply)
Input Voltage
230 VAC (1-phase) / 400 VAC (3-phase)
Mode 3 hardwired installation, 1 m input cable, CSA @ 4 mm²
Output Cable
~5 m output cable with Type 2 standard EV charging plug
Temperature Range
-25°C to +40°C
26 x 16 x 9 cm (H, W, D - main enclosure)
Shipping Dimensions
45 x 40 x 20 cm (H, W, D - dual walled box)
8 kg fully equipped with cables
Codes and Standards
CE marked (compliant to EN 65851-1 and -22), IP66 rated
2 year warranty for commercial usage
TÜV tested. Requires external 30 mA Type A RCD as per local regulation

Your JuiceBox Pro 32 complete with:

  • 32 A ~5 m tethered charging cable (also known as Type 2 cable)
  • 1 m input cable pigtail (outdoor rated CSA @ 4 mm² cable with flex conduit)
  • Full JuiceNet charging controls and monitoring
  • User and Installer Guide
  • Mounting template

Standard Convenience Accessories:

  • An aluminum quick-release mounting bracket
  • A black Type 2 cable holder

Download the JuiceBox Pro 32 C Data Sheet JuiceBox Pro 32 C is capable of charging all electric cars using Type 2 plug available within the United Kingdom.

PDF (0.6 MB) Download
PDF (0.6 MB) Download


Why is JuiceBox better than other products on the market?
Can JuiceBox adjust output amperage?

Yes, you can adjust the charging power limit in the JuiceNet app or dashboard settings. For example, if you have a lower power circuit breaker that you want to ensure is not tripped during charging.

Will my JuiceBox work without WiFi?

Yes. Your JuiceBox will act as a standard charging unit in absence of WiFi, and any schedules or limits you set when connected to the JuiceBox will remain even if the JuiceBox is not connected to WiFi.

What are the advantages of having WiFi connectivity?

Built-in WiFi allows you to:

  • Reduce costs - Set charging schedules so that your EV avoids consuming electricity at peak times. Some utilities already offer time of use (TOU) rate schedules to their customers who are EV drivers.

  • Track energy usage - view your charging history and easily extract accurate energy data.

  • Safely manage multiple vehicles charging - If you have more than one EV, you can set up your two (or more) JuiceBox Pro units to share one electrical circuit. Say, you have only 30 A capacity in your panel but have two vehicles charging simultaneously. You can program your JuiceBox Pro units to never exceed 30 A combined draw. If only one car is charging, it gets the full 30 A of current. When the second car shows up, the current gets shared 15 A / 15 A between the two. When one of the cars finishes charging, the remaining car ramps back to 30 A.

  • Become eligible for demand response and other energy programs and monetary incentives as they become locally available.

Is JuiceBox safety certified?

Yes, JuiceBox is CE compliant according to EN 65851-1 and -22 and corresponding international IEC standards.

What electric vehicle models is this unit compatible with?

JuiceBox Pro works well with every EV using standard Type 2 plug.

Will I be eligible for any incentives when purchasing a JuiceNet EVSE?

The JuiceBox Pro 32 is eligible for OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant.

High Power Electric Car Charger

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