Tesla EV Charging StationsFASTER, SMARTER & GREENERwith JuiceBox Pro

High power charging

Pro 40 (10kW) and Pro 75 (18kW) provide the power you need to quickly charge your Tesla.

Standard outlet charges your Tesla AND any other EV

Use the Tesla adapter for charging your Tesla, and be ready for a second non-Tesla EV or let your friends & family charge on a single station.

Faster charging

The gen-2 mobile connector will charge at only 32 amps, whereby JuiceBox will charge up to 40 or 75 amps.

De-rate the power, if you need to protect your electrical circuit

With JuiceBox you can de-rate the power for charging via software, avoiding safety or circuit breaker issues. You can share load across multiple JuiceNet-enabled stations, avoiding blown circuits.

Control your Tesla Charging Directly via Smartphone

Intelligent control

Track energy usage, view your charging history and control your network connected station at any time, anywhere.


Set up automatic notifications, e.g. start and end of charge, unit offline, unit back online, full charge by certain time and other events.

View Charging Data

Get access to your real-time and historical charging data.

Charging Schedules

Set TOU schedules so that your Tesla avoids consuming electricity at peak times.

Voice Control

Monitor, manage, and control your charging experience via voice commands on Amazon Echo / Alexa and Google Home.

Circuit Load Balancing

If you purchase 2 units and wire them into the same circuit, they will charge two EVs at the same time and split the current 50/50.

Earn Rewards
For Charging

In applicable geographies, our JuicePoints Rewards Program allows you to maximize your use of renewable energy and minimize your contribution to grid congestion while charging your Tesla – all while earning rewards for participating! Get $50 off purchases upon signup for smart-grid EV charging.

JuicePoints Rewards

Charge Green
Emissions Optimized

Optional JuiceNet Green feature minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions of charging an electric vehicle. Maximize your charging times to when solar and wind power is at maximum production and reduces carbon emissions impact of charging Tesla cars.

JuiceNet Green

Choose your JuiceBox

JuiceBox Pro 40 JuiceBox Pro 75
Max Amperage 40A 75A
Max Power 10kW 18kW
WiFi controlled

Mobile App Control

(Android and iOS)

LED indicator lights

JuiceNet Green option

Cord Length 24ft 24ft
Amazon Alexa voice control
Price $619.00 $549.00 $949.00 $899.00
Shipping Free Free

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Works perfectly for my needs

I am extremely pleased with my new JuiceBox Pro 40...My requirement for a charging station on the market was that I wanted something that would be capable of charging a Tesla in an acceptable amount of time (for when I eventually get a Model 3 next), is rated for indoor/outdoor use, and is also small enough to fit in the trunk when I'm on the road...It has performed flawlessly and I couldn't be happier with the range of options it provides to owners.

- BigFan

Easy to use, saves money, makes the world greener

The JuiceBox 40 with JuiceNet is light, easy to install (I already had a NEMA 14-50 socket, installed originally for the Tesla Mobile Charger Gen 1), and makes my life way easier. It allows me to schedule charging at different hours for weekdays and weekends, following California PG&E’s price curve to me. And it chooses the best times for PG&E to deliver power, compensating me with a rebate. How much? It depends on your terms and how you use it. In my case, I get a 10% discount on the cost of energy. And since I am on a solar battery plan, I get it ahead of time, throughout the year :-). Amazing product.

- Daniel Feldman

Very solid, great quality, easy to install. Liked it so much, I bought another!

I love me some JuiceBox! So much so that I bought two of them - one for charging at home and one which I installed at my office. We have a Tesla, which comes with its own charger cable for 240 volt connections. We use that one at home, but I had been wanting to also be able to charge at the office (not only at a supercharger), as we can pay for that electricity with pre-tax dollars (we own the business), rather than paying it through our home utility bill, which is paid with after-tax dollars. That equates to a savings of nearly 40% at the office, plus our electricity rates are slightly cheaper there, as it's a different utility company.

- Ron Downs

Just installed a JuiceBox 40 Pro for my future Model 3

Installation was… $125 :) with permit and inspection! It will tell you how much energy you’re using from the wall per its app. Tesla HPWC won’t do that, also what the car took from the wall excludes efficiency losses so this will be more accurate for messaging how much I’m using. As a plus, if my fiancé gets an electric vehicle she can use this as well.

- Steven James