California Electric Vehicle Submetering Pilot

Featuring the JuiceNet-enabled AeroVironment 32A EVSE-RS

Qualified submetering pilot participants installed eMotorWerks’ latest JuiceNet-enabled partner station, the AeroVironment 32A EVSE-RS, and are benefiting from low EV-only electricity rates for up to 12 months.

eMotorWerks is no longer accepting applications and orders for the Submetering Pilot.

Please contact with any questions related to the Submetering Pilot.

Submetering Pilot FAQs:

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved a Phase 2 of the electric vehicle submetering pilot. The pilot program is open to electric vehicle drivers interested in having their car's electricity metered separately from their home for up to 12 months. The benefit to participating in the program is that electric vehicle drivers can be billed under a separate (generally lower) rate for their car's electricity usage, while their other home usage is billed on their current rate. Utilities offer installation of separate meters for EVs, but it can cost customers thousands of dollars to have a separate meter installed. You can review more information on the pilot at the CPUC's website.

In order for your utility to approve your pilot application and to obtain the benefit of a separate EV rate with low off-peak charging costs, you will need the following:

  •   Purchase a JuiceNet-enabled AeroVironment EVSE-RS charging station from eMotorWerks
  •   Install your new charging station and connect the it to a reliable wireless connection via the JuiceNet app
  •   Remove your utility account from any programs that conflict with pilot participation, specifically PG&Es Smart Rate/Smart Day program, SCE’s Peak Time Rebates / Save Power Days program and non-utility demand response programs)
  •   Cancel certain payment plans for the duration of the pilot, specifically PG&E recurring payments / Auto-Pay, PG&E Balanced Payment Plan, SDG&E Level Pay Plan and SCE Level Pay Plan
  •   Be a customer of PG&E, SCE or SDG&E in good standing with your utility without any past due balances

Unfortunately, and despite our best efforts, the utilities and CPUC have informed us that installed WattBox units will not be allowed to participate in Phase 2 of the pilot. In order to meet the CPUC requirements, you will need to purchase a new JuiceNet-enabled AeroVironment 32A EVSE-RS charging station. Complete the form on this web page to receive your $100 instant rebate coupon code, and you will be contacted to order a JuiceNet-enabled AeroVironment 32A EVSE-RS at this website.

To meet the CPUC requirements of the Phase 2 Submetering Pilot, applicants participating with eMotorWerks will need to install a new JuiceNet-enabled AeroVironment 32A EVSE-RS (Hardwired) charging station (25 foot cable), which is approved for use by the CPUC for the pilot. No other new or currently installed charging station or submeter will be eligible for pilot participation with eMotorWerks.

AeroVironment a leading provider of high-quality charging solutions and is the preferred high powered charging station supplier for 8 global automobile manufacturers.

eMotorWerks is offering its the latest JuiceNet-enabled charging station, an AeroVironment 32A EVSE-RS (Hardwired), for $749 with $400 in rebates. eMotorWerks will issue a $100 instant rebate coupon code for your purchase, and a $300 rebate upon approval and initiation of your first pilot billing cycle. Customers are responsible for all installation costs.

  •   For SCE, the rate plan will be TOU-EV-1
  •   For SDG&E, the rate plan will be EV-TOU
  •   For PG&E, the rate plan will be EV-B (if your home is on EV-A, it will be removed from EV-A).

These rates will be used only for your EV, and the rest of your residence can be changed by you or stay on the same rate schedule (if not an EV house rate already). For more information on EV rate plans, visit your local utility's electricity rates site and their submetering pilot sites linked here: SDG&E, PG&E, and SCE.

Your Net Energy Metering (NEM) is retained; however, your EV load is separately billed using the submeter, therefore less usage will be offset by the photovoltaic (PV) generation on the NEM primary meter. You will need to pay for your EV charging under the separate rate, regardless of how much your solar system generates. If your non-EV usage is less than your annual solar generation, you will be compensated for excess generation at the end of your annual cycle at the excess generation rate shown in your NEM tariff.

The Customer Enrollment Application (CEA) is the form that the utilities require you to submit - after installation of your approved submeter / charging station - before approval of your participation in Phase 2 of the Submetering Pilot. eMotorWerks will send you a CEA to sign and date after your new charging station has been shipped to you. eMotorWerks will send your CEA to your utility for approval.

Your completed CEA needs to be sent to eMotorWerks. eMotorWerks will send you a CEA to sign and date after your new charging station has been shipped to you. eMotorWerks will send your CEA to your utility for approval.

Once your new charging station is installed, we can submit your signed and dated Customer Enrollment Application (CEA) to your utility. Your utility will accept or reject your CEA within days of submission.

If your Customer Enrollment Application (CEA) is approved more than 5 business days before the start of your billing cycle, your new rate will become effective no later than the start of your next billing cycle.

You will be able to view your EV charging data through the JuiceNet mobile application and web dashboard. If you identify any potential inaccuracies in charging data, please contact eMotorWerks immediately in order to investigate and potentially correct before the end of your billing cycle. If you identify any discrepancies between your charging data in JuiceNet and the billing data from your utility, please contact eMotorWerks as well.

Your ultimate savings will depend on your driving and charging behaviors as well as your existing rate plan; however, pilot participants may save up to $200 to $900 over 12 months.

Pilot savings are derived potentially from three sources: 1) If you are currently on a tiered rate plan, your home usage will be reduced, so you may fall into lower tiers each month, resulting in your average home rates will go down. 2) If you charge during off-peak times, your EV rates will be very low. 3) If your home is switched off of a time-of-use rate, you may have lower electricity costs by no longer having peak rates.

After your pilot term is over, your whole home and EV usage will be under the home rate at the end of the pilot. If you changed your home rate at the start of the pilot, you can revert back, provided it is still available from your utility. For some “grandfathered” rates, if you kept your home on your original rate, you can remain on that rate. Please contact your utility, before changing your home rate, if you have questions or concerns.

To cancel your participation in the pilot, you will need to call your utility. Please, also contact eMotorWerks as well.

If you move within your utility’s service territory, your EV rate can follow you to your new address for the remainder of the 12 months after submitting a new Customer Enrollment Agreement.

If you move to one of the other two participating utility’s territories, your EV rate can follow you to your new address for the remainder of the 12 months after submitting a new Customer Enrollment Agreement, as long as the 500 customer limit has not been met for your new utility.

If your pilot application is rejected by your utility, we can resubmit your application if there is a conflict that can be resolved. If your application cannot be approved, you will have use of your JuiceNet-enabled AeroVironment EVSE-RS station, which provides smart phone access and control over your EV charging as well as voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We will not be able to provide the additional $300 rebate, which was dependent upon utility approval of your application.