J1772 Extension Cable
J1772 Extension Cable
J1772 Plug with Cap
J1772 Plug End

J1772 Extension Cable

Works with any level 2 charging station

  • Heavy-duty outdoor cable that extends the reach of your J1772 compatible charging station
  • Compact and durable


$209.00 each + FREE shipping
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It is a fully compliant 40-amp 20FT J1772 plug with heavy-duty outdoor cable (3 power conductors, 2 pilot conductors). Use extension cable:

  • If the cable from the charging station you want to use can not reach your car.

  • If you have bought another EV and want to use the EVSE you have for both of them without having to move the cars around or reposition the charging station.

  • If your parking situation changed and it would be nice to have an extension for the EVSE you have mounted already.

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