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SCE Charge Ready Program offers EV charging rebates

The SCE Charge Ready Program makes the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations easy and cost-effective for businesses. The incentive program offsets the cost of EV charging station equipment and installation. Rebates are available for Level 2 commercial EV charging stations and DC fast charging stations. Enel X Way is an SCE-qualified EVSE vendor. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for the SCE incentive.

Enel X Way is uniquely positioned to help commercial property owners and businesses take advantage of SCE rebate program, while stacking federal and utility incentives.

SCE Charge Ready Eligibility and Funding

What are the applicant requirements?
  • Must fit within SCE’s list of eligible industry categories
  • Must own, lease, or manage the premises where the charging stations are installed.
  • Select, purchase and install SCE approved charging equipment in the quantity approved by SCE.
  • Keep the charging equipment operational for at least ten years.
  • Provide data related to charging equipment usage for a minimum of five years (on-road vehicles only).
  • Grant easement may be required
What are the project cost requirements?
  • Rebates are reserved according to preference of site type and location
What costs are covered by the rebate?
  • Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), labor, materials (transformer, cable, duct) and design and permitting costs up to the utility meter
How many rebates can you receive?
  • Apply for as many as 10 stations. SCE will ultimately decide how many stations will be awarded
What are the equipment requirements?
  • New EV charging equipment purchased after the application Funds Reserved date
  • UL and Energy Star® Certified
  • OpenADR * Enel X Way is pre-integrated with SCE’s top node.
  • Networked: Must have remote diagnostics and be capable of “remote start”. Must be capable of usage data collection
  • Minimum 10 year networking agreement (eligible towards total project cost)
  • If payment is required/ For DCFC, must accept credit cards and multiple forms of payment

Enel X Way can help commercial property owners and businesses take advantage of state and utility incentives.

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