PSEG Long Island Charger Registration

Thank you for participating in the PSEG Long Island Smart Charge Program.

PSEG Long Island uses the data from your charger – including dates, times and total charging energy – to manage the energy grid for optimum efficiency, and to calculate Smart Charge Rewards payouts.

Note: Your JuiceBox smart charging station must be connected to WiFi in order to participate in the program. Here are WiFi setup instructions.

Please enter your 10-digit PSEG Long Island Account # and your 28-digit JuiceNet or ClipperCreek Charger ID.

To check rebate status please contact Utility Program support line: Energy Info Line 1-800-692-2626

PSEG Long Island Account Number*
Please let us know your 10-digit PSEG Long Island Account Number.

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Not sure what your JuiceNet ID is? Your JuiceNet ID is a 28 character code located on the side label of your JuiceBox.

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