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Design Completed

All the major mechanical component designs are comleted. Final assembly begins and first tests commence. Charger has been tested on a full actual battery pack, recharging 22kWhr 192V nominal pack in just under 4 hours! Vehicle management system (VMS) design has started, as well. The purpose of the VMS is twofold - (1) cooling and heating of the batteries, (2) monitoring and visualization of all runtime parameters including battery / motor currents, battery voltage, range remaining, charge status, effective MPG, etc. The VMS will be based on the Arduino open source hardware platform and will use an Android tablet as a primary display. VMS is yet another typical weak link in EV conversions as most enthusiasts do not have time and resources to develop a comprehensive system. EMotorWerks hopes that by designing such a system and making it open source, we will further support our core mission - to stimulate electric conversions in the United States.