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Clean Technica has recently featured the article by Preston Roper, Enel X General Manager, about the past, the present and the future of EVs.

Thomas Edison once said, “Electricity is the thing. There are no whirring and grinding gears with their numerous levers to confuse. There is not that almost terrifying uncertain throb and whirr of the powerful combustion engine. There is no water-circulating system to get out of order — no dangerous and evil-smelling gasoline and no noise.” That also seemed like a great idea to inventor's close friend, Mr. Henry Ford. Unfortunately, the time was not right at that point and automobile industry turned towards the oil fuel.

However, today we can watch Ford and Edison's dream come to life as EVs are filling the market. The future possibilities are massive. Article also explains the challenges of this new electric era, such as efficient usage of power by EV owners, and solutions, such as smart grid charging with JuiceNet platforms. Cars are changing and so is infrastructure around them. Smart grid innovations and grid services programs allow EV drivers to charge their cars while demand (and price) for electricity is lower and to prevent the grid overloads during the peak hours. Enel X is promoting a win-win strategy for EV owners and infrastructure through "managed charging" programs. To learn more about smart grid technologies check out this article.