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As reported by Greentech Media, at first the new California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulation stated that guiding and funding of the existing electric power giants, such as Pacific Gas and Electric, would take place before any new smaller companies, like eMotorWerks, would be considered. However, later the representatives of CPUC said that such situation happened to be a misunderstanding. Not only the new laws and regulations, such as the new Transportation Electrification Framework (TEF), will be created to keep up with the progress and innovations of the electrification industry, but also all new utility applications will be considered under the existing statutory and regulatory guidance as they come.

CPUC’s new order calls for “better alignment of internal and external state agency resource planning while also addressing key questions about the role of utility transportation electrification investments in meeting the state’s ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) adoption targets and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.”

The Commission raises numerous questions from time-of-use rates to who and how will pay for the development of California EV charging programs. Such decisions, as well as their implementations, take time. However, the process has already started, and that’s the good news.

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