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The New York Times featured the story about the Honda SmartCharge beta program developed by American Honda Motor Company, Inc. and eMotorWerks, US subsidiary of Enel, which serves as the intelligent software provider. Participating EV drivers in Southern California Edison territory charge their Honda Fit EVs when electricity demand is low and available renewable energy is high.

This program is a great example of how automakers and utilities collaborate in order to ensure a reliable supply of electricity, efficient use of renewable energy sources while the the number of electric cars consuming huge amounts of electricity is quickly growing. The Honda SmartCharge program uses the vehicle’s built-in communication capabilities and is supported by the software platform developed by eMotorWerks that computes the best charging times, taking into account car driver’s preferred schedules and pricing signals from the grid.

“Smart charging is almost certain to expand as the electric fleet grows and utility companies seek to balance demand.”

Learn more about the smart charging partnership in the New York Times article.