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The Enel subsidiary, eMotorWerks, is bringing its JuiceNet intelligent EV charging software platform to EO Charging to develop the new EO Mini Pro electric vehicle charger for UK and European drivers, thus making it one of the smartest home charging stations on this market. The new EO Mini Pro with JuiceNet (to be released in early 2019) brings residential customers the benefits of WiFi connectivity, access to charging data, alerts and reminders about charging - all via a smartphone app. EV fleet managers will see additional value in historical charging data in order to reimburse employees for charging at home.

“The increased penetration of eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet into EVSEs from other manufacturers highlights the long tail of value that Enel saw when it acquired the company and folded it into its Enel X unit with its other business units working on demand response capabilities.”

This partnership further supports company’s goal to offer a range of demand response services, reduce the carbon footprint of charging, and let EV drivers save money while charging.

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