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CleanTechnica talked to Andrew Jones from Chicago-based S&C Electric’s about the impact electric vehicles will have on the grid and learned that, while there are some near-term challenges, the addition of electric vehicles, “batteries on wheels”, to the grids hold the potential to add significant value.

Demand response gives utilities control over the power flowing into a car through a charger, throttling energy consumption from 0–100% and only requires an intelligent, connected charger. Such innovative solutions are increasingly coming to market, with one of the best examples being eMotorWerks’ JuiceBox smart grid level 2 charging station.

Powered by JuiceNet cloud-based software, JuiceBox can directly interact with utilities that have opted into the program and give them the ability to manage the charging depending on the demand and the amount of energy produced. eMotorWerks is also able to offer monetary incentives to customers for participating in the smart grid charging programs.

“It was this functionality that prompted Enel to lean in and purchase eMotorWerks as part of its multi-pronged push into the demand response space last year.”

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