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BMWBLOG posted a detailed review of eMotorWerks’ line of JuiceBox charging stations. Many future BMW plug-in drivers want to learn how and where the can charge the car. The majority of the US EV owners decide to purchase a higher-powered 240v level 2 charging station for home use to charge faster than with the standard level 1 units. BMWBLOG has tested out charging stations from various manufacturers and recommend only high-quality products to their readers.

“eMotorwerks is rapidly becoming one of the largest suppliers of electric vehicle charging stations, and after using their products, we understand why.”

JuiceBox charging stations are powered with the JuiceNet software platform that adds smart grid features to the charging station. Drivers can view their charging history, easily calculate electricity costs, start/stop a charging session and view real time energy data via the smartphone app.

The JuiceBox Pro 40 delivers up to 40 amps of power which is more than any current BMW car can accept. However, with JuiceBox customer future-proof their investment as the car chargers are getting faster with time. All JuiceBox models come with a 24-foot cable allowing to reach anywhere in a typical garage. Plug-in versions not only reduce the installation cost, but also make units portable.

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