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Honda, together with eMotorWerks and Southern California Edison, has just announced the SmartCharge™ test program, a new app-based service that enables Honda Fit EV drivers to charge their car with the “greenest” energy and earn rewards for plugging it in at the optimal time.

eMotorWerks will serve as the intelligent software provider by collecting and sending pricing signals to the automaker to calculate when the most renewable energy is available at the lowest cost and when the electricity demand is low. Honda’s SmartCharge™ beta program will receive instant updates from the grid through JuiceNet cloud-to-cloud communications, so it can notify drivers via the HondaLink EV app to start charging at certain times.

It is common to think that the best time to charge is during night hours when the electricity rates are lowest. However, many homeowners in states like California get renewable energy from solar panels generating excessive energy during the day which could be utilized by electric vehicles. Utilities are actively looking into ways how to manage the demand for charging cars and how to encourage customers to charge during the hours when renewable energy is abundant on the grid. Honda SmartCharge™ program is set to reach this goal. 

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