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Honda recently introduced its new SmartChargeTM beta program aimed at reducing demand on the grid during peak load times and contributing to the automaker’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions by shifting the electric vehicle charging in real-time. The program allows Honda Fit EV drivers to reduce the environmental impact of charging their car while earning monetary rewards.

“Honda is the first automaker to introduce such a program and will begin targeting Honda Fit EV customers.”

Honda SmartCharge computes the best time to charge a vehicle from the electric grid, taking into account the driver’s daily schedule, amount of renewable energy being generated, and the amount of CO2 emitted from power plants. Having received the utility approval from eMotorWerks and completing five charging sessions, EV drivers can start earning monetary rewards. Customers will be able to monitor the charging process, track the earned rewards, CO2 saved and other stats related to the charging process.

Learn more by following this link or read the program overview.