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E-mobility heads Federico Caleno at Enel X and Sven Jaspers at Nuon/Vattenfall discuss the role of their companies in advancing the use and grid integration of EVs.

The electrification of the transportation sector brings not only opportunities, but also significant challenges for the energy sector, such as grid integration, energy generation and storage, as well demand response. Both companies anticipate complex charging requirements for this growing grid load and challenges with the vehicle-to-grid integration for managed charging.

Enel is actively developing a charging infrastructure in Italy and elsewhere, as well as a full range of charging stations for residential and commercial use. With Enel’s acquisition of the US e-mobility solutions provider eMotorWerks in October 2017, the company aims to bring these activities together on to a single platform, JuiceNet – an internet of things platform for the management of EV charging and other distributed energy storage facilities.

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