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eMotorWerks’ Chief Marketing and Operations officer, Preston Roper, discussed with GreentechMedia what to expect in 2018 as EV demand accelerates.

Several automakers are determined to drive the electrification of the transport and accelerate the EV demand, and last year announced their plans to electrify their product line. EV charging infrastructure was growing at a fast pace along with a few notable developments in 2017 by multinational energy companies. Enel, a large energy company, acquired smart-grid EV charging leader eMotorWerks.

“eMotorWerks’ nearly 30,000 charging stations deployed so far can aggregate vehicle charging load, allowing energy providers an easier method of balancing the grid, and drivers the chance to optimize their charging for renewables or the lowest electricity price.”

EV sales are excepted to increase significantly in the next few years when electric vehicles reach price parity with the gasoline cars. So the industry is set to prepare and update electrical grid infrastructure, redesign business models, and expand the number of public and residential charging stations to meet demand.

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