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Charged magazine recently published an article by Scott Shepard, Senior Research Analyst with Navigant Research’s Transportation Efficiencies program, about the developments in the vehicle-grid integration (VGI) field.

According to the author, if VGI realizes its full potential, it could create a revenue stream for electric and plug-in vehicle owners, which would make the purchase of an EV even more attractive. VGI enables electric vehicle owners to participate in energy programs aimed at grid balancing. V2G (vehicle-to-grid integration) is the most advanced form in which the car delivers power back to the grid, “increasing both the amount of time it can provide balancing services and the amount of money it can earn for its owner.”

Scott Shepard thinks that the acquisition of eMotorWerks, the US charging station manufacturer and charging service provider, by large utility Enel will likely lead to new developments in the V2G area.

“eMotorWerks has made a name for itself in a brief amount of time as an innovative developer of VGI-enabling hardware and software solutions. For Enel, eMotorWerks bolsters its charging services portfolio and introduces it to the North American EV market, which may encourage a resurgence in fleet vehicle electrification.”

Read the full interview here.