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Kyle Field from CleanTechnica spoke with Preston Roper, eMotorWerks Chief Marketing and Operating Officer, and learned about company’s business and plans for future growth.

Apart from its hardware business - manufacturing smart grid EV charging stations, eMotorWerks has built a cloud-based software platform - JuiceNet - that taps into the massive potential of electric vehicle charging to serve as a “flexible, dynamic load”. Utility operators use it to balance the production and consumption of grid power.

eMotorWerks’ smart-grid electric vehicle charging technologies are similar to the “virtual power plant” model as they allow to maximize generated load on the grid, optimize the mix of renewables, and make grid reliable. The self-learning component of the platform determines driver’s needs and rewards them for flexible charging sessions through JucieNet Rewards program. By participating in the energy market EV owners help the grid to avoid demand spikes.

The company continues to grow significantly as more and more drivers see value in its products, and doubled its revenues in 2016 for the third consecutive year.

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