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eMotorWerks announced on Tuesday that it is integrating its “JuiceNet networking cards and cloud-connected control platform into AeroVironment’s line of consumer and OEM EV charging solutions”. JuiceNet-branded AeroVironment charging stations will have advanced features for customers: smartphone access, real-time and historic energy usage, circuit load balancing, charging schedules, and Amazon Alexa voice control.

Jeff St. John, GreenTechMedia’s senior editor, also highlights that JuiceNet platform “manages both the customer interaction, with attention to each EV owner’s charging preferences and needs, and the grid-side integration, with forecasting to optimize an ever-shifting resource that can add up to hundreds of kilowatts, or even megawatts, of real-time flexible load”.

EV drivers who would decide to purchase a AeroVironment EVSE-RS JuiceNet® Edition will also enjoy green-friendly customer options, e.g. “charging during hours when renewable energy makes up the greatest portion of their local grid’s power mix”.

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