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SAN CARLOS, Calif. – eMotorWerks, a leading manufacturer of intelligent and connected Smart[Grid] charging solutions for electric vehicles (EV), and WattTime, a new environmental nonprofit specializing in clean energy software, announced today the launch of JuiceBox™ Green 40.

This collaboration produced a smart EV charging station capable of automatically reducing the carbon footprint of EV charging through groundbreaking new environmentally smart timing algorithms.

EV drivers can now use the WattTime enabled JuiceBox Green 40 to ensure the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions from their vehicle. WattTime’s software automatically analyzes the local power grid in real time to identify moments when charging the EV would only draw power from particularly clean power plants—from renewables to highly efficient power plants—and JuiceBox adjusts EV charging schedules to draw only on the cleanest power sources available.

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