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In the US, smart grid electric vehicle charging company eMotorWerks has forged a partnership with operational intelligence company OSIsoft in a bid to improve EV charging and grid capacity balancing. OSIsoft's PI System will offer access to historical and real-time data between eMotorWerks' Juice Box platform and independent service operators (ISOs), regional transmission operators (RTOs), utilities, and any other energy balancing authorities.

JuiceBox is an EV charging platform that works by shifting when and how much electricity the network draws from the grid in a bid to help utilities and operators better manage grid capacity and ease grid congestion, while integrating excess solar and wind power.

The operational intelligence in OSIsoft's system combines sensor-based data from eMotorWerks’ network of JuiceBox charging stations with data from electrical utilities and ISOs. eMotorWerks claims the solution also offers EV customers faster, easier, and more secure access to the status of their charging stations.