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Electric Coupler

12kW Charging System and a Standard J1772 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler.

eMotorWerks engineering team is proud to present a new feature installed on our pre-production prototypes – a standard J1772 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler. Developed by the American Society of Automotive Engineers this standardized socket will be able to apply to all future electric vehicles and charging stations within the industry. Conveniently located behind the existing Fuel Door the J1772 socket will make the charging process most simple: park near any charging station in Bay Area (Fry’s Electronics parking lot for example), open the Fuel Door and insert the plug.

eMotorWerks intelligent charger will do the rest, namely, negotiate charging parameters with the charging station, and fill up your car at maximum available charging rate.

Finally, eMotorWerks has recently released a production version of its 12kW charging system. Following over 1.5 years of field testing and refinement, the resulting system is the leading EV charging system in its class on the market. Full micro-processor control ensures complete flexibility, allowing use of the system with all battery chemistries and all charging regimes. This new version of the 12kW charging system will be standard in all eMotorWerks conversions and will enable 2.5-hour full 0-100% recharge from 240V house panel.