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Efficiency Maine EV Smart Charge Pilot

for electric vehicle drivers who live in Maine

About the Program

The Efficiency Maine EV Smart Charge Pilot has reached program capacity. If you are an EV or PHEV driver who lives in Maine and is still interested in a JuiceBox smart charger, please visit our Enel X e-store here: https://evcharging.enelx.com/store/residential.

For more information on Efficiency Maine’s EV Smart Charge Pilot visit our webpage here.

Eligible Residential Products

JuiceBox 40 WiFi-enabled 40-Amp EVSE
$649.00 each With free shipping
Out of Stock
JuiceBox 32 WiFi-enabled 32-Amp EVSE
$619.00 each With free shipping
Out of Stock


Learn more about the home installation process for an electric vehicle charger in our installation guide.

Efficiency Maine maintains a list* of residential electrical contractors on its website. Enter your ZIP Code to find an installer near you.

* Note that while EV charger installation services are not yet listed as a specific service on this page, most contractors will be capable of installing the JuiceBox charger. You can search for a contractor based on ZIP Code and Distance alone, without selecting a service from the dropdown list.


How does the permitting process work?

Residents and/or their contractors are responsible for securing all required permits and for meeting installation requirements.

Do the chargers meet UL certification?

Yes, each charger is UL certified.

If I’m having problems with my JuiceBox who do I contact?

Please contact Enel X customer service here.

Is this system compatible with all home electrical systems?

To confirm compatibility with your home electrical system, please consult our quick guide to understanding what may be needed for your JuiceBox home charging installation. Some homes may already be equipped with a standard NEMA 14-50 outlet to install a Level 2 charging station and some may require an electrician to install a new outlet. Others may require an electrical service panel upgrade, depending on the circuit capacity.

What if I rent?

Residents will be responsible for overseeing the installation of the charging station and coordinating with the property manager, as needed.