Smart EV Vacation Rentals Offer On-Site Charging to Renters

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Give guests the convenience of EV charging

With the number of electric vehicles surging — and EV charging station in a vacation rental property has proven to attract new guests, support sustainability goals and provide an increasingly sought-after travel amenity. Supporting electric mobility provides a superior guest experience that entices EV owners to your vacation rental property and turns them into happy repeat visitors.

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“We are pleased to partner with Enel X Way to offer smart EV charging as an amenity so our clients will be able to stand out from the competition in the crowded vacation rental market. This not only enables EV drivers to seamlessly charge their vehicles while on vacation, but it also reduces the environmental impact of tourism, a win/win.”
— Ward Prickett, COO and Co-Founder, Ok2Charge
”We are excited to have provided this cutting-edge service to homeowners and vacation rental guests on the Gulf Coast at our Ocean Edge community last year. We look forward to offering smart solutions and services to more clients and customers in both real estate sales and vacation rentals as the market continues to grow.”
— Glen Kaiser, Kaiser Vacation Rentals and Kaiser Sotheby’s International Realty
“We’re seeing an increase in travelers visiting from distances that can be travelled to by car that spend more time at our properties. Also, more people are driving electric vehicles, so adding smart EV chargers to our properties was a no-brainer. We’ve already experienced positive guest comments regarding the convenience of smart charging at the rental property.”
— Bob Hawkins, Vacation Company

Welcome guests with a convenient amenity that supports sustainability and offers revenue-generating potential.

Turnkey Commercial Charging Solutions 

Give your guests access to best-selling JuiceBox Pro EV charging stations and turn EV charging into your competitive advantage.

JuiceBox Pro is a Level 2 charging station with all the smart charging features that cost-conscious properties need to maximize their EV infrastructure investments. Powered by our JuiceNet® smart EV charging platform, JuiceBox Pro offers direct administrator control and energy optimization through user-friendly apps and web-based dashboards.

JuiceBox Pro is rated for indoor and outdoor use and can be easily installed as a wall-mounted unit or mounted on a JuiceStand Pro. Our software dashboard offers user authentication as well as payment options. Keep your EV-driving tenants happy and keep EV charging costs low with the JuiceBox Pro, the best value smart commercial charging station on the market.

Our best-in-class smart charging solutions help you:

  • Increase property value & future-proof with smart EV infrastructure
  • Attract EV drivers with valued amenity
  • Optimize energy costs by controlling charging times and demand charges
  • Save on your EVSE investment with high value charging stations and lucrative EVSE infrustructure incentives

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Power up your property smart EV infrastructure

The vacation rental market continues to expand as major rental companies like Airbnb report record growth. Recently, Airbnb reported that more than 850,000 listings include chargers among their amenities in 2021. Specifically, more than 500,000 unique searches for EV chargers between June and December.

Over 1500 JuiceBox customer participants shared their electric vehicle and charging preferences for driving-distance travel in a recent Enel X Way survey. Over 52% of respondents use Airbnb for their vacation rental plans, and additional findings include:

• If rental properties could guarantee a Level 2 charger for their guests, 74% of respondents would drive their EV on more road trips.

• 81% of respondents shared that access to Level 2 charging influences their travel plans.

• More than 67% of respondents stated that access to a DC fast charging station on route was essential for road travel that is more than 200 miles.

• 44% of respondents shared they drive their electric vehicles on road trips and 22% of respondents shared they sometimes drive their electric vehicles on road trips.

• More than 76% of participants took up to 4 vacation road trips in the last year.

Why Enel X Way?

We help businesses take advantage of the clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure offers.

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